Flood Water Extraction Port Salerno

If your property suffered flood damage, don’t waste any more time wandering through websites, give Water Damage Port Salerno a call and get the best damage restoration services. It will not take much of your time to contact us; we are just a call away. We are known to act fast on every call, we offer a 30 minute response time after your very first initial call.

Water Damage Port Salerno has a team of flood damage restoration experts, who have years of hands on experience in handling flood damage restorations. In addition, to make our services the best in the water damage industry, our experts use the latest state of the art technology based equipment and latest techniques to save on time and money. That is the main reason why our prices are unbeatable by our competitors. We take pride that we never add any hidden charges in your final bill. Whatever amount you approved in the beginning, will remain same until the end of the project and on your final bill.

Water Damage Port Salerno commits to provide the best flood damage restoration services to its residential and commercial clients. We never compromise on quality for quantity. If we are already booked for the time being, we will not take over your project and tell you clearly to reschedule if possible. Our company always does its best to provide you the best. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and happy, therefore Water Damage Port Salerno goes beyond the limits to meet your expectations.

  • Fire & Smoke Restoration
  • Flood Clean Up
  • Water Removal
  • Water Damage
  • Mold Mitigation
  • Mold Removal
  • Flood Restoration
  • Odor Control

One of my children got really sick not too long ago. My husband and I came to realize that my child got sick because of the mold that was in his room. As soon as we located the mold we called your company and we had a team of professionals cleaning up the mold affected areas. They taught us how to maintain it and my child is no longer sick. I will like to thank Water Damage Port Salerno for cleaning up the mold in my children's room.- Cathy H.